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An account that is useful to a customer with targets towards the future. Targets such as the following are catered for by this product:

  •   Marriage
  •   Purchase of an asset
  •   Traveling
  •   Education
  •   Pilgrimage


  •   Competitive rates are tied to the account and are negotiable depending on the amount.
  •   The minimum account opening amount is GH 10.00
  •   Withdrawals can be made by ATM or at any Branch of the Bank.
  •   Withdrawals are limited to three (3) times in a month.
  •   Statement of account is given quarterly.


It is a standard demand deposit account. Full services account that enables holder to withdraw cash and to pay for given services through a cheque. It is available to all individuals and corporate organizations.


  •   Once the account is opened, a personalized cheque is given to the account holder within 48 hours.
  •   Monthly statements are sent to holders for free as well as interim statements on request.
  •   Lodgments/Deposits into the account can be by cash, cheques or transfers.
  •   Withdrawals can be made by ATM or at the counter by cheques.


Foreign Exchange Account (Forex)
BSIC (Ghana) Ltd. offers customers the opportunity to operate foreign exchange accounts (Forex).
These accounts can be operated in any of the following convertible currencies:


  •   Lodgments into these accounts are restricted to funds sourced within Ghana
  •   Transfers out of these accounts requires documentation.
  •   Customers who lodge cash into these accounts may withdraw at anytime with or without notice.
  •   Withdrawals by customers who lodge cheques or transfer funds attract a charge.


BSIC (Ghana) Limited foreign currency account is a full service account that can be maintained in the following convertible currencies:

Lodgements into these accounts are restricted to sources outside Ghana and include the following:

  •   Travelers Cheques
  •   Foreign Drafts
  •   Inward Remittances
  •   Foreign Cheques


  •   Transfers from these accounts are unrestricted and are not covered by any documentation
  •   Cash withdrawals from these accounts attract charges.