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BSIC makes it easy for clients to receive and transfer money from and to many parts of the world through the inward and outward money transfer system.


By virtue of the fact that BSIC (Ghana) Ltd is a member of the BSIC group, we offer fast inward money transfer services through the members of the group as well as our major correspondent Banks in Europe and the USA.

  • Any convertible currency may be lodged with any of our correspondent Banks.
  • The remitter must provide particulars including the following:
    • a. Amount remitted
    • b. Destination of funds
    • c. Details of beneficiary

The funds are remitted to us for onward delivery to the beneficiary.
Our major correspondent Banks include Subsidiaries of BSIC group Africa:

BSIC Benin
BSIC Libya
BSIC Niger
BSIC Burkina Faso
BSIC Senegal
BSIC Sudan
BSIC Gambia
BSIC Central Africa


BSIC (Ghana) Ltd. offers customers of the bank the opportunity to remit or transfer funds to any part of the world. This is facilitated by our correspondent Banks. Customers of BSIC must provide the following:
a. Amount to be remitted or transferred
b. Bank details of beneficiary
c. Beneficiary

Remitting or transferring customer may or may not have a foreign currency account. Documentation may be required depending on the type of account held by the remitter and the amount involved.